Cookie crush 2

In the gaming industry, meeting a previously set standard of quality is always challenging. Especially so when it comes to widely successful casual apps. More often than not, sequels fall short of their predecessors. But sometimes, developers manage to achieve the impossible and surpass the original. Cookie Crush 2 is an online game where sweets and goodies come in unlimited quantities. It delivers the same incredibly addicting gameplay of the first installment with even more excitement. Align 3 or more pieces of the same kind to gain points. Collect various treats and perform incredible combos to complete the objectives. Journey through the magical lands and get the highest score on each level.

Cookie crush 2 stars

The Crunchy Saga Continues

Fans of the previous iteration will feel right at home with this title. It brings back that signature charm and improves upon nearly every aspect of the experience. The creators did a fantastic job of implementing the following features:

  • Familiar match-3 puzzle mechanics that are super intuitive and very engaging

  • Countless delicious waffles, cakes, and pies to interact with

  • Awesome bonuses and performance enhancers that produce satisfying streaks

  • Top-notch 2D graphics and stellar sound design

Overall, the product is another superb entry in the renowned franchise. Give it a chance and get hooked for hours.

How to Play Cookie Crush 2

Each stage has a unique layout and specific goals that the player has to accomplish. Locate the required items on the board and try to make them disappear. Click and drag LMB to swap adjacent objects. Strive to form a line of at least three identical desserts. Otherwise, the action will not register and the tiles will return to their original positions. Combine 4 or more for additional multipliers. Finish the mission in the minimum number of moves to unlock all the stars. Activate boosters on the map screen to make the task easier.

Have an unforgettable adventure in a world of exquisite confectionary delights. Cookie Crush 2 is free and offers an almost infinite entertainment potential. Launch it in any browser without installation and have fun.

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